The goal of a Colloquium is to provide the opportunity to present a set of three Research Reports that are interrelated in a particular way (e.g., they are connected through related or contrasting theoretical stances, use identical instruments or methods, or focus on closely related research questions), and to initiate a discussion with the audience on the interrelated set.

A Colloquium proposal:

  • consists of a set of exactly three research reports, to be presented by members from at least two different countries;
  • includes, in addition, a one page summary by an organizer (one person), indicating a specific pre-determined focus that is common to each research report; and
  • involves a presentation of the three research reports, and a discussion with the audience that is initiated by the contribution of a discussant (one person, indicated in the author line of the one-page summary) who is appointed at submission.
The three Research Reports should be formatted and submitted via ConfTool using the guidelines provided for that presentation format. Here, further information is provided only for the one page summary which accompanies the three Research Reports.
The additional one-page summary is created using the same template or formatting guidelines as for Poster Presentations and Oral Communications, and is submitted by the Colloquium organizer via ConfTool. It provides the Colloquium title and the name of the organizer (preceded by “Organizer:”) and discussant (preceded by: “Discussant:”) in the author fields. Then, the text containing the focus and/or rationale for the Colloquium is provided. Note that no abstract is necessary for the Colloquium summary. Proposals that do not follow the formatting guidelines will not be included in the peer review process.
In the comments field in ConfTool, the authors and titles of the three research reports that comprise the Colloquium must be indicated.
Submissions to ConfTool are only allowed if the presenting author is registered in the ConfTool system and has paid the non-refundable conference deposit. Every pre-registered person may submit up to one Colloquium as organizer Also, the organiser cannot be involved as (co)-author in more than one of the Research Reports in the Colloquium.

Submission and review process

Proposals for colloquium presentations must be submitted no later than 15 January 2020 (also the deadline for research report proposals). The research reports that comprise a colloquium proposal are reviewed in the usual way, using the same criteria. The IPC will assign the set of three research reports plus the one-page summary to the same reviewers, who are then informed that the research reports are part of a colloquium proposal. If all three research reports are considered acceptable during the review process, the International Programme Committee reviews the colloquium proposal during the second meeting of the International Programme Committee, and decides upon its acceptance.
If not all the three research reports are accepted, or if the framing proposal to group them in a colloquium is rejected by the IPC, those research reports that were accepted in the usual review process will enter the conference programme as research reports. In case of rejection, encouragement for resubmission in a different format is possible for the single research reports.
Details of the review process are available at the IGPME webpage: .


A 90-minute timeslot will be devoted to each Colloquium. The organizer takes care of the chairing. The organizer first briefly introduces the Colloquium topic and then each Research Report is presented in turn. The presentation time for each report can be agreed with the organizer beforehand, but will be between 15 and 20 minutes (depending on how much the papers have in common; some presentations can be shorter). Afterwards, the discussant initiates the discussion for approximately 10 minutes, which is followed by discussion with the audience.

Virtual component

Colloquia will take the form of fully online sessions.