Skemp Fund Support


Richard Skemp Memorial Support Fund The Richard Skemp Memorial Support Fund is a fund that was established to support academics from under-represented or economically weak countries in attending the annual conference. The spirit of the fund is to help academics who normally would not have access to the PME conference. A limited amount of financial support is available to researchers who experience difficulty in obtaining financial support to attend a PME conference. Applicants for a grant from the Fund must submit an individual contribution (RR, OC, PP) and pay the non-refundable conference deposit, prior to the applicant’s proposal being reviewed. A grantee must have at least one proposal (RR, OC, PP) accepted.

In general:

  • only one of the authors of a particular proposal will be eligible to apply for a grant;
  • those who have already received a grant on two prior occasions will not receive an additional grant; and
  • for applicants who have already received a grant in a previous year, priority will go to those who have an accepted research report rather than an Oral Communication or Poster Presentation.

The number and size of grants each year depends on the amount available as well as the number of applicants and the relative merits of each application. The Richard Skemp Memorial Support Fund Committee will meet during the second International Programme Committee meeting, in April 2019, and will make its recommendations once decisions on the acceptance or rejection of proposals have been completed. The PME Administration Manager will contact applicants to inform them of the decision on their application for a Richard Skemp Memorial Support Fund grant. This will usually take place before the end of April each year. Please note that grants cannot be carried over to the next year’s conference. Grants will be paid at the conference and are not available in advance. Applicants for a Skemp Fund grant should fill in the application form available from the Conference Website or from the PME website ( The application should be sent by 1 March 2020 to:

Birgit Griese

Paderborn University, Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 5251 60-1839, Email: