Conference Registration


Registration for PME45 is carried out using the ConfTool Conference registration system, at Before registering for the conference or paying the membership fee, you will need to create a user in the PME ConfTool system.

a) If you are a new user of the PME ConfTool system:

  • Please create a new account and register in the system.
  • You will need to provide your personal information and account information in order to build your own data base in the system.
  • After filling in these details and submitting all information needed, you will be able to continue with your conference registration.

b) If you have been a user of the PME ConfTool system:

  • Please log in by entering your existing username and password. If you have forgotten your password, ConfTool will help you to retrieve it.

If you have any problems with registration, please contact the conference registration secretariat at .

IGPME membership only

If you have been an IGPME member in the past, but will not be attending PME 45, or you want to become a new IGPME member who will not attend PME 45, pay the annual membership fee for PME through ConfTool. This is necessary for maintaining or getting membership.

  1. As a member of IGPME who wants to renew membership:
    • Log in by entering your username and password and select the option “Pre- Register for this Event or Join PME as a member.”
      As a new member of IGPME:
    • Create a new account and register in the system.
    • You will need to provide your personal information and account information in order to build your own data base in the system.
    • After filling in these details and submitting all information needed, you are able to select the option “Pre-register for this event or join PME as a member.”
  2. After checking your personal details and choosing “Pay PME membership fee ONLY” in the following step, the system will automatically take you to the payment form where you can get information on payment options for the membership fee.
  3. If you choose online payment, the system will connect you with a secure page for you to complete your payment. If you have any problems with payment of the membership fee, please contact the conference secretariat:

Registration fees

The conference registration fee is usually paid in two parts. The pre-registration fee (when you submit a contribution for review) and the balance (when you confirm you will attend the conference). This year, the pre-registration fee was THB 4,340. Having switched to a virtual format, the organizers have decided that this will be the total registration fee, so if you have paid the pre-registration fee (either in 2020 or in 2021) the balance is THB 0 and there is nothing more to pay. The fee covers registration for the virtual website throughout the conference and for about one month after its completion.

For those who have not yet paid the pre-registration fee, the due date for registration is June 30. If you are not sure if you have paid the pre-registration fee, please log in to your account. You can check the payment status there.

Payment options

All participants can make their payment by credit card or bank wire transfer. If you use a credit card, the process will be carried out online. The ConfTool system will connect you to an external platform for payment. There you will enter your personal information and choose payment type. If you choose to pay by bank wire transfer you will get an invoice. You need to transfer the funds to the account designated on the invoice sent to you by e-mail or post after registration.

Your registration will only be finalised when the payment process is complete. If you have any questions regarding your payment, please contact the conference secretariat at

Donations to Skemp Fund

The Richard Skemp Memorial Support Fund is a fund that was established to support academics from under-represented or economically weak countries in attending the annual conference (see section 7.6). The spirit of the fund is to help academics who normally would not have access to the PME conference.

As such, where applicants are from, where they are living, where they are working, where they are currently studying, as well as the conditions of their employment and studies are important factors when adjudicating the applications.

The Skemp Fund plays an increasingly important role in making the PME annual conference more accessible to mathematics educators who would not otherwise be able to attend the conference. The extent to which we can give this financial assistance depends to a large degree on the generosity of the PME community. For this reason, a compulsory donation of 10 Euro is included in the registration fee for the conference. In addition, the International Committee calls on members to make an additional donation, however small, to the Skemp Fund when registering for PME44.

Cancellation policy for registered participants

Participation in the conference is conditional upon registration and payment of all fees. All cancellations and changes regarding the conference registration must be made in written form to the conference secretariat by sending an email to In all cases, the pre-registration fee will not be refunded; however, this deposit will cover one year of membership as well as access to the electronic conference proceedings.

General information

Participation is not guaranteed until payment of the pre-registration fee is received. The conference programme may be subject to changes (based on decisions by the VOC). In the case of unforeseeable events, it is up to the VOC and the International Committee of PME to decide on changes or even the cancellation of the conference and the amount of refund of payments. If the conference is cancelled, the remaining funds will be paid back to the participants and no further liability of the local organizers or PME will be accepted towards the client.