Necessary for proposals to be reviewed
THB 4,340
November 30, 2019
Last day
January 15, 2020
for Research Reports, Colloquia and Research Forums
March 1, 2020
for other types of proposals


Full registration
For participants who have paid the pre-registration fee.
THB 8,160
(12,500 – 4,340 = 8,160)
in April 2020
Last day
May 16, 2020


General registration
For participants not submitting aproposal
THB 12,500
April 2020
Last day
May 20, 2020


Late registration
An additional charge ofTHB1,670will be applied for registrations made after 20 May 2020.
THB 14,170
(12,500+ 1,670= 14,170)
May 20, 2020


Registration for PME 44 will be carried out online using the ConfTool conference registration system. If you have been a PME member in the past, but will not be attending PME 44, or you want to become a new PME member who will not attend PME 44, you pay the annual membership fee for PME through ConfTool. This is necessary for maintaining or getting membership. The ConfTool link for registration and submissions is .


The upper limit for the total registration fee will be in the order of 12,500 THB (€372). Theexact amount depends on the number of participants and external financial support. The exact amountwill be decided by the Local Organising Committee in April 2020, just prior to the publication of thesecond announcement.

The Conference Deposit Covers:
  • PME memberships for the year 2020 of 1,670THB (€50);
  • a compulsory Skemp Fund donation of 350THB (€10);
  • access to electronic conference proceedings; and
  • administrative costs related to the handling of the proposals.
The Total Registration Fee Covers:
  • PME membership for the year 2020 of 1,670THB (€50);
  • a compulsory Skemp Fund donation of 350THB (€10);
  • a set of printed proceedings (see below) and access to an electronic version of the proceedings;
  • 3 lunches and 9 coffee breaks;
  • opening reception;
  • conference dinner;
  • the costs of venues, administrative work, and facilities needed for the organization of theconference.

You have the option to choose if you want to receive printed proceedings or not. As withprevious conferences, the default option includes both printed and electronic proceedings. During thefinal registration process via the ConfTool system, participants can choose the alternative option thatincludes only electronic proceedings. If you choose only electronic proceedings, the registration feewill be reduced. The reduction depends on the price of printed proceedings (i.e., on the number of pagesand volumes) and will be announced on the Conference Website and in the second announcement inApril 2020.


The fee for accompanying personsis expected to be around 4,340 THB (€130) per person depending on the anticipated number ofparticipants and external financial support. The exact amount will be decided by the Local OrganisingCommittee in April 2020, prior to the publication of the second announcement.

The Fee Covers:

  • opening reception;
  • conference dinner; and
  • some of the administrative work involved outside of the Scientific Programme.

There is no fee for accompanying children under 14 years of age. If you have any questions,please contact the Conference Secretariat:


An additional charge of 1,670THB (€50) will be applied for registrations made after 20 May 2020.


All participants can make their payment by credit card or bank wire transfer. If you use a creditcard, the process will be carried out online. The ConfTool system will connect you to an externalplatform for payment. There you will enter your personal information and choose payment type. If youchoose to pay by bank wiretransfer,you will get an invoice. You need to transfer the funds to the accountdesignated on the invoice sent to you by E-mail or post after registration.

Your registration will only be finalised when the payment process is complete. If you have anyquestions regarding your payment, please contact the Conference Secretariat at